What is an open ad exchange, and how does it compare to direct media buying?

An open ad exchange is a platform that facilitates the buying and selling of digital advertising indirectly through third parties. When a website, app, or other content publisher has unsold inventory that it cannot fulfill directly, the publisher may opt to offer that inventory, known as a remnant or programmatic inventory, through an open ad […]

Google’s Website Privacy Policy Requirements

Does your website have a public privacy policy? If it doesn’t, make this a top priority as Google and other major digital companies are increasingly enforcing websites and apps to post a privacy policy. Privacy policy requirements have been steadily evolving and increasingly enforced. In the past, privacy policies were always recommended, but only required […]

Google’s planned phase out of third-party tracking cookies: How does it affect advertisers?

You may have heard about Google’s plan to phase out third-party tracking cookies from its Chrome browser. How will this affect you as an advertiser? If you are an advertiser looking to market to a specific audience, know that these changes won’t prevent that objective. Targeting consumers based on cookie-tracking browsing history is only one […]

What is a vanity domain name URL? Why do I need one? What are its Benefits?

A vanity domain name is a custom URL mostly used in connection to a specific marketing campaign. For instance, 1kwindows.com would be an example for a window company offering a $1,000 window package. For a vanity name to be effective, it has to be memorable and it should be directly tied to specific marketing. In some […]

Search Engine Marketing: Differences and advantages between SEO and PPC

Google, Bing, Yahoo… Regardless of the source, search is undoubtedly an important step in the purchase journey. Some industries are almost entirely reliant on search-driven leads. Research suggests that more than 90% of consumers use search engines before making a purchase decision. The ultimate goal in search engine marketing is to achieve high first-page rankings. […]

Employee Recruiting: Active vs Passive Marketing

When it comes to employee recruiting, there are two methods to market your open positions to potential candidates: Active and Passive. Both are effective, but each is effective for different reasons and one may attract better quality candidates. The good news: Our marketing reached both! Active recruiting involves posting open positions to job boards. In […]

QR Codes: What are they and how do they help advertisers?

A Quick Reference Code (QR Code) is a scannable barcode with multiple purposes. One way advertisers can utilize QR Codes is to direct consumers who scan the code to a specific website landing page. It offers click-through capability on products that don’t natively support direct clicking. Television, including broadcast and streaming OTT video, are great […]

Using custom landing pages to convert traffic

A custom landing page is a single-page website designed and optimized to drive conversions. They are simple, eye-catching designs with a singular focus on lead capturing from phone calls and/or form fills. In most cases, conversion is more likely from a custom landing page as opposed to a standard website, even a custom page on […]

The evolution of YouTube as an entertainment platform

YouTube has come a long day from its 2005 debut. We all recognize it as a platform to solve problems and educate us. Today, YouTube is also an entertainment platform with both short- and long-form content, competing with top media companies. YouTube is also an OTT platform offering premium content for “cable cutters.” YouTube is […]

What is Over-The-Top (OTT) Streaming Video for Advertisers?

Over-The-Top, most commonly referred to as the acronym OTT, is streaming video content that is most often viewed on television. Roku, Amazon Fire, and Sling are all recognized brands in this emerging technology. Connected TV (CTV) and Targeted TV are other common terms that are often used interchangeably with OTT. For an advertiser, OTT is […]